Retire in Style in Beautiful Arizona

Retirement is a time to get out and enjoy all that has to offer after working hard for so many years. So if you’re looking for the best place to retire in America, look no further than Arizona. Here are a few reasons why the Grand Canyon State is one of the best places for retirees to spend their upcoming years.

The Great Outdoors

Between the Grand Canyon and numerous other outdoor activities from water rafting to hang gliding, it’s easy to see that Arizona offers a ton of opportunities to have some fun outdoors. This is especially enticing for those who have lived their lives in colder climates who want to have some fun in the sun in Arizona’s more comfortably warm and temperate climate.

Arizona Homes for SaleThe Weather

Speaking of the sun, the weather in Arizona is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy long, warm days during the winter months. Trade in snowflakes and wind chills for Arizona’s winter, which still stays warm enough to enjoy traditionally summertime activities such as swimming, picnics and barbecues. Denise McCreary and the team at Long Realty Company can help find you the perfect home to enjoy the extended comforts of the Arizona climate all year round.

No Daylight Saving Time

In just a few weeks, most people are “falling back” and turning clocks back an hour to recognize daylight saving time. If you were to get a new home in Arizona from Denise McCreary and Long Realty Company, however, you would never have to worry about changing the clocks again. Arizona never springs forward or falls back, so you can just enjoy every sunny day Arizona has to offer.

Lots of Sports

Not only is the state home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, but half of Major League Baseball holds their training camps here. Not a baseball fan? There’s plenty of more to choose from, including the Cardinals in the NFL, hockey’s Arizona Coyotes and the Phoenix Suns professional basketball team. There’s college sports teams as well, so no matter what sport is your favorite, there’s plenty for retired sports fanatics to love in Arizona.

It’s a Border State

Arizona is a border state, which means if you’d like to take a trip south of the border, it’s only about a two-hour trip from Tucson. We’re also surrounded by other states with plenty of great activities, as well, with San Diego, Las Vegas and Albuquerque all just a few hours away – perfect destinations for taking a long weekend out of state.

When you’re ready to retire and want to find a beautiful new home in Arizona, let Denise McCreary help. She can help you find the perfect home for you that will allow you to enjoy your golden years. For more information, call Denise McCreary at Long Realty Company at 520-256-6731 today!

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