Moving to Arizona: What to Toss, What to Get and What to Expect

Looking to move to the Tucson area? Whether you’re coming from far away or just down the block, knowing what to pack and what to toss from your old house can be overwhelming. If you’ve got no idea what you’ll need, let Denise McCreary help you plan your packing.

Before You Go

There’s no doubt about it, it’s overwhelming to move. So the best policy is to be prepared. Before you arrive to your new hometown, make sure you have ordered the local newspaper so that you can get to know the locals by attending events in your area. Don’t forget to take care of updating all your contact information – changing addresses with the post office and credit cards, plus your friends and family.

Moving Truck in ArizonaWhen to Go

If you’re not constrained by time or work, move in the summer if you can. According to GoodCall Movers, it’s less expensive to move to Arizona during the warm-weather months. In the winter, many seasonal residents relocate to the area, so you might have a hard time booking moving companies to help with your relocation.

Ditch the Parkas

The weather in Tucson is mild, as information from US Climate Data shows, so if you’re coming from a frosty location in one of the northern states, you can leave your puffy winter coats and your ice skates behind. The average annual high throughout the year is 83.7 degrees, and the average annual low is 58.1 degrees. If you’re worried about storage, but not willing to part with your winter-proof items, look into inexpensive storage facilities nearby, or Denise McCreary can help you look for homes with extra storage space in attics, garages or enclosed sheds.

Bring a Hat

Tucson can get hot, once reaching a scorching 117 degrees, according to information from the National Weather Service and NOAA. That’s hot!  All that heat comes from the sun beating down on the region, which means you’ll need to keep yourself protected from the sun’s rays. Bring your sunscreen and pack a good hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect yourself from sunburn.

Friendly Snakes

If you’re only used to seeing squirrels around the yard, you’ll have to adjust! As Southern Arizona Guide notes, snakes are regular backyard critters in the Southwest, and it’s important to remember: don’t panic! Snakes can be a little freaky if you’re not used to seeing them around, but they’re actually a good resource. They keep the rat and rodent population at bay, and won’t bother you if you leave them be.

Of course, before you can move, you’ll need a place to move to. Let Denise McCreary at Long Realty Company help you with you search. She has access to more than 60,000 listings throughout the state and can help you find the perfect location with the space and amenities you need at the perfect price. Check out the active listings online now or call Denise McCreary at Long Realty today at 520-256-6731.

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